If This Doesn’t Improve Your Dating Life, Nothing Will…

Published on: October 29, 2013

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Look – In every man’s (or woman’s) life there comes a time when you want nothing more than to display high quality video imagery on your head; sync your cranium-based display system over wifi or Bluetooth; and do all that with an exceedingly high quality lithium battery – WHILE ON A FIRST DATE. Thankfully, that understandable craving is now within reach.

The all-new ultra-recently released “interactive hat” known as the Cyclops (demonstrated in the STUNNINGLY BEYOND OVER-THE-TOP video above) can finally be yours. So, in the spirit of supporting inventors who clearly would otherwise be delivering the next generation of Shamwow, PLEASE order one ASAP! PLEASE…

[“Cyclops cap with LCD screen brings video and photos to a (literal) head,” Gizmag, 10/29/2013]

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