A Genuine Threat to Freedom of the Press

Published on: May 25, 2013

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As noted earlier with regard to the breaking A.P. scandal last week, this is going to be an increasingly severe headache for the government – particularly Justice – although it’s hard to see how Obama escapes direct scrutiny. He’ll certainly be getting a ton of it from House Oversight – that much is clear already. Plus, this level of overreach is not only offensive to believers in the First Amendment and press freedom – it’s just dumb. Yes: leaking is a problem and has been since the Administration of George Washington. Going after reporters, however, is NOT the appropriate response.

From the article: “Some officials are now declining to take calls from certain reporters, concerned that any contact may lead to investigation. Some complain of being taken from their offices to endure uncomfortable questioning. And the government officials typically must pay for lawyers themselves, unlike reporters for large news organizations whose companies provide legal representation.”

[“Sweeping Leak Inquiries Reveal How Wide a Net U.S. Has Cast,” The New York Times, 5/25/2013]

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