Pure Fighter Plane Awesomeness: Gizmodo Enters The Danger Zone

Published on: August 20, 2013

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I’ve really gotta hand it to the folks over at Gizmodo . . . Posting some exceedingly cool footage of an F35B Prototype Vertical Assault Plane perfoming a night landing on a specially designed aircraft carrier called the USS Wasp would absolutely be worth highlighting for readers all by itself. But, for Gizmodo, futureristic science fiction-style warplanes are NEVER enough. In an example of excellence from which all of us could benefit, their dedicated staff simply couldn’t rest until getting themselves 100% into the zone – THE DANGER ZONE, that is.


Gizmodo: Consider yourselves saluted for a job well done and for earning the absolutely deserved designation as Frazerrice.com’s “Great Americans of the Week.” (Note that the below link even offers take-off and hover videos in addition to the main event – amazing…)

[“The F-35B’s Vertical Night Landing Makes It Look Like A Badass UFO,” Gizmodo.com, 8/19/2013]

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