Eddison Said Genius Is 1% Inspiration And 99% Persperation – NOT ANYMORE

So here’s another one . . .


I recently learned about this marvel during a round of golf in a 90 degree, 90% humidity environment. So sure perhaps that biased my opinion . . . But it isn’t complicated and makes whole lot more sense than you could swing at . . . Just an enhanced baby powder mixture that effectively keeps you cool, dry and unchafed for whatever sport you are playing.

Let’s admit it: There is nothing less fun than throwing off sparks while engaging in athletics. 3.5 hrs in the heat (or even an average gym work-out can do the job). Well, here is a smart solution. Their spray on feature is terrific and the lack of clumps is great. I am trying it for tennis next week and will report back. Personally I hope this takes off . . . .

For more information contact tim@joycelabs.com

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