The Book: Wealth, Actually

With the right knowledge, planning, and guidance, you can preserve your assets and enjoy them.

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, and, for the 1 percent, this is especially true. Private wealth manager Frazer Rice has seen every challenge and success that the well-off can face.

In Wealth, Actually, Frazer shares his holistic, adaptable approach to wealth management. Through a combination of philosophical discussion, practical advice, humor, and anecdotes, he shows how prosperous individuals can determine what they want their wealth to do; communicate with loved ones about their fortune; avoid overspending; handle wealth threats; evaluate, grow, and protect investments; and choose the best advisors.

Money shouldn’t be the dream but, when it’s managed right, it can be the perfect tool to make dreams come true.

What is Wealth, Actually and why does it matter?

Wealth brings challenges. Without the proper planning and guidance, managing your assets can quickly become a nightmare.

With over fifteen years of experience and eleven billion dollars of assets under management, private wealth manager Frazer Rice helps his clients achieve their goals by clarifying their unique needs and understanding the tools of the wealth management industry. 

In Wealth, Actually, Rice reveals the successful strategies he uses to make smart decisions for the wealthy, and explains how you can prepare for wealth. You’ll learn:

  • How to determine what you want your wealth to accomplish, in your lifetime and beyond
  • How and when to communicate with your family about wealth
  • How to structure current and future wealth to prevent overspending
  • How to evaluate, grow, and protect investments
  • How to choose the best-fitting wealth managers and advisors

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