A Sportsman And A Gentleman


In case you missed it, after shepherding the Yankees through a nearly devastating eighth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays, an understandably emotional Mariano Rivera – truly one of baseball’s all time greats – was pulled from Yankee Stadium’s mound for the last time by teammates Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter amid tears, thunderous applause and a massive outpouring of adulation from the stands.

Rivera will surely be missed – not only by Yankee fans but by anyone who truly appreciates America’s pastime at its absolute best. During an age when professional sports have all too frequently been tarnished by cynicism and scandal, it’s moments like this that help us remember what matters most both on (and off) the field.

Mariano Rivera: WE SALUTE YOU.

[“Mariano Rivera Says Goodbye To Yankee Stadium – Exit Sandman,” USA Today, 9/27/2013]

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