A “Wealth, Actually” Interview with RBC’s Colleen O’Connell-Campbell

Many thanks to Colleen O’Connell Campbell on being featured in RBC’s Series on Wealth:  “I’m a Millionaire!  So Now What?”

A fun interview  on a variety of wealth issues as well as writing and podcasting . . . check it out!

 Advisor Portrait

We cover:

  • The journey from law school through to his fourth career and building a business around the book.
  • My passion for writing and podcasting.
  • How the movie Love, Actually inspired the title of the book.
  • How the lessons and fundamentals covered by the book is for more than the 1%.
  • The top lesson from the book.
  • The threats to wealth and identifying the legacy that you want to leave.
  • Intergenerational planning, preparing your heirs and encouraging next generations.
  • How to educate your children on financial literacy in a low stake environment.
  • Charities, foundations and the strategies that the very wealthy can use to avoid philanthropic fatigue.

Colleen’s twitter handle is @colleenherself

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