Cool Interview With One Of The Baddest Axemen On The Planet

This recently recorded interview with The Cult’s lead guitarist, Billy Duffy, is an excellent reminder that, more often than we might think, the entire trajectory of rock ‘n’ roll history really does get shifted by an individual artist or band. It’s beyond question that Duffy, along with fellow front-man, Ian Astbury, accomplished exactly that – and a whole lot more.

So first, here’s the Duffy interview (some damn nice work by the folks at covering everything from his most excellent (and brand new) Gretsch White Falcon, the original influence of punk on the Cult’s early music, and his collaboration with some of the most gifted producers in history – all served up with plenty of that pure uncut coolness and swagger we all righteously demand and deserve from anybody capable of truthfully calling themselves a ROCK STAR.

Billy Duffy, in the immortal words of AC/DC (and occasionally mini-KISS)…


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