Critical Obama Foreign Policy Speech – And Now Some Answers

More commentary soon – But even if you’re an Obama-opponent, at least take a moment to think about the way he handles the heckler toward the end. I say: Purely brilliant politics – Indeed, inspired AMERICANISM. It was, after all, George Washington himself who first decreed that our Presidents, no matter what the circumstance, should always defer to their masters – THE PEOPLE. Here is one truly great example of that in action – whatever you may think of the substance. Also we finally get a lot more detail regarding where the war goes from here in addition to a coherent and specific vision for the Second Term’s foreign policy. Whether it all holds up or not, only time will tell. But I liked the delivery and respect the humility. As a patriotic American, I’m always hoping that leaders of both parties execute their duties with honor. And so it is with this . . . God Speed, Mr. President. Lord knows, it isn’t an easy job.

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