Dave Goldman Vs. Peter Schiff RE: Gold on CNBC’s Kudlow (several lessons to learn)

(Or in Kudow parlance: “a smack-down”) I say, draw your own conclusions. Frankly, I really should have addressed this gold issue earlier (and I will do so with actual detail soon, now that the blog is underway and quickly growing) but the important point is that what’s happening in the world of gold could not be more relevant to understanding the basic investment concepts this website is attempting to advance. Best phrase spoken here: “spiking the punch bowl with monetary alcohol.” Creative – Possibly valid. Probably not. But, either way, one could just as easily speak of “Cable TV alcohol…” When your savings are at stake, don’t get drunk on any of it. That’s the FrazerRice.com position. One could also argue this post belongs in the financial section. I put it here in Policy for a reason. At the end of the day, too many very sophisticated people in the financial world forget where market outcomes (not to mention, options) actually originate. Sure – a lot of the time it is at BOA or CITI, but forgetting about DC is an error you’ll always regret. The Fed, in particular, requires constant attention from any conscientious investor. (Also the statement here: “President Obama is no Ronald Reagan,” – no matter who you like more, just shows how inane some of this stuff can be. Ronald Reagan wasn’t Obama either – not exactly a “news flash…”) You deserve better and should demand it. These are very smart people who nevertheless appear to have a weird desire to pretend not to be. CNBC unquestionably has some outstanding reporters and does a ton of great work. Let’s hope for more of it… And please – learn to disregard the ludicrous price predictions offered at the ends of these segments. Ever been to Vegas, looked at a roulette wheel and seen that digital sign showing you how many of the last twenty spins were black or red? Same deal here folks. Same exact game. Only way to win is NOT to play.


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