First Full-Length Trailer: New Mike Judge (“Office Space”) Series, “Silicon Valley,” Soon To Hit HBO

A new series created by “Office Space” writer/director Mike Judge (not to mention the guy who brought us “Beavis & Butthead,” “King of the Hill,” “Idiocracy,” and far too many other gems to mention in one sentence) (See his IMDB profile here) is soon set to rock the HBO line-up. The show, entitled, “Silicon Valley,” (link to full cast & crew) certainly appears promising├é┬áand may just be that├é┬ámuch-needed addition to what has been a somewhat uneven├é┬ároster for a network that has seen competitors like Showtime and Netflix (even Amazon – if one can call├é┬áthem a “network…”) swiftly moving in to claim HBO’s traditional must-see domain.

Kudos to Josh Brown (“The Reformed Broker”) for the heads up on this one.├é┬áI’ll be greatly looking forward to seeing how Mike Judge updates his material for a Valley that – as of the time “Office Space” was released in the late 1990s – lacked Google, iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, broadband, and actually most of the Internet as we currently experience it.├é┬áPersonally, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic given that the genius of that particular film wasn’t so much its├é┬ásatire of the├é┬átech-world, but the fact that it skewered ALL corporate jibber-jabber in thousands of different ways (and amazingly – in under two hours…) With his own series, Judge could indeed become a one-man comedic wrecking machine.

So, to the many Lumberghs out there, still patrolling the cubicles of corporate America in an endless quest for red staplers, “TPS Reports,” and the creation of general misery… Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Check out the trailer below:

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  • David Schmidt
    Posted February 24, 2014 at 6:57 pm 0Likes

    Hell yeah – Absolutely psyched up for this. About time HBO returns to its roots and gets some decent writing back in the game. Btw – where is larry david???

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