Managing Political Risk – Why The Business News You Need Isn’t Only In The Business Press

I see it literally every day . . . Too many investors watch the Cable business networks and diligently follow their favorite business publications yet fail to make any real efforts at political literacy. The results can be devastating. If you can’t name the new leader of China (or explain why he matters), haven’t considered how European stagnation could affect the U.S. economy, or haven’t spent time evaluating the ramifications of Washington DC gridlock (or actual policy questions such as the merits of debt vs. spending), you’re not being an active financial planner. Politics – local, national and global – play every bit as important a role in your portfolio’s real value as any piece of market-specific news. Remember: macro-political instability is a constant. Hence, always being ready to strategically adjust your plan based on political developments is one aspect of sensible wealth management in zero danger of obsolescence.

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