Meet Janita: Finnish, Talented, Beautiful and Coming to a Stage Near You

One of the many amazing musicians roaming New York City these days is Janita, a deep and powerful singer from Finland. And you need to get to know her. Not tomorrow. Not soon. Run – Don’t walk – etc…

Hers is the story of an artist searching for soul in a scary and competitive environment – borne out of experiences both inspiring and traumatic from her early success in Finland. Janita’s talent is obvious to anyone who hears her voice and listens closely to lyrics depicting the needless obstacles that have been thrust in its (and her) way. The result: an artist whose music takes chances and delivers. Janita is an intense performer capable of painting smoldering emotional pictures. Clearly, this will be one exciting career to watch, as the world discovers her maturation from teenage stardom into the confident musician she continues to become – perhaps accurately described as a sort of “anti Brittney Spears . . .” Although, truth be told, comparisons here are neither needed nor especially relevant. Janita is 100% her own woman – and, from this fan’s perspective, I couldn’t feel more fortunate that’s the case…

NOTE: Janita has just returned from a well-received mini-tour in the mid-Atlantic.  She performs frequently around NYC and her music can be found at this LINK - Also, see the live video clip below. 

My favorites off the recent album are:

  • Hopelessly Hopeful
  • Do we Learn?
  • Travels of Your Mind

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