My Relentless Crusade Against Jibber-Jabber

For those readers slaving away in worlds of finance and law, this short piece by Susan B. Weiner at about what can sometimes feel like burdensome “Plain English” compliance requirements, deserves a few moments of your time.

After all, despite the fact that I’m quite possibly one of the most frequent users of term “jibber-jabber” (at least in the past hundred years or so…), anyone who knows me understands that’s only because there are few things in life that I personally loathe more than the vast amounts of jibber-jabber with which I’m forced to do battle on a near daily basis. Like Weiner, I’m a firm believer that good financial writing is simple financial writing. Mastering “Plain English” does indeed save time and money and – more importantly - forces writers to express themselves with precision. In contrast, the inherent ambiguities of “legalese” tend to damage client relationships, attract the suspicion of regulators and generate unneeded tension between colleagues who end up constantly (and needlessly) redrafting each other’s documents.

So to all you jibber-jabberers out there: You know who you are AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE…


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