New Formula Designed To Identify The Best Golfer Without A Major

Right at the outset, let’s just say Golf Digest should consider itself “on notice” considering I didn’t even make their list of “The 11 Best Golfers Without a Major…” (The slideshow – very notably WITHOUT ME – can be found here…)

Nevertheless, the magazine purports to have developed the most accurate formula yet for measuring the relative skill-levels of golfers who haven’t yet taken home a Top 4 trophy (otherwise known as “losers…”) This obviously flawed and suspicious algorithm (the specifics of which its authors didn’t even have the decency to reveal…) claims: “to evaluate players based on their recent play, while also giving them credit for their career record in golf’s four biggest events.” Wow. I’m just blinded with science!

So at least we now know why I didn’t make the cut – I actually have a day job!! Not everyone has the time to go waltzing around the world playing in the Majors. Let these guys try managing some of my client accounts for a change – then we’ll see how that formula works out for ya!

Very disappointing guys… VERY disappointing.

[“The 11 Best Golfers Without a Major,” Golf Digest, 8/2013]

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