Note About The New “Entrepreneurs” Section of the Blog

Ask any politician (liberal or conservative) about the economy and I can more or less guaranty they’ll be yammering on about small business in a mere matter of seconds. The problem, however, is that while much of our uniquely American success story really is about entrepreneurial spirit, too often all we hear about are abstractions and cliches . . .

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the American economy!

There’s nothing better than being your own boss!

Small business drives jobs!

America needs an innovation revolution!

Silicon Valley (CA) – Silcon Alley (NYC) – Silicon Prairi (TX) – Silicon Forrest (OR) – Silicon Beach (Santa Monica) – And yes . . . Even Silicon Swamp (FL)

After a while, it all just sounds a little ridiculous. Clearly, most people get up in the morning and do something they call “work.” Going it alone is most certainly NOT for everyone.

This section of the website is 100% devoted to setting aside the old slogans and Horatio Alger myths. Instead, we’ll take a much deeper dive inside the entrepreneurial spirit and try to learn at least something about what makes this unique breed of human being into who they are and what they’ll become. Maybe even more importantly, we’ll actually spend some quality time talking about failure. As every entrepreneur knows, you can come up with the most brilliant product in the world but still never find a single customer. Until you come up with that next brilliant product . . . Or, better yet, finally realize that it was the customers themselves who needed to be invented . . .

These are stories of hope, of personal sacrifice, of passion and even of despair – but remember: not one has a beginning, a middle and an end. Like America itself, REAL entrepreneurs never stop beginning.




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