Now THIS Could be a Seriously Ugly Family Feud – Ted Nugent’s Bro Speaks Out on Guns

Some Arguments Worth Considering – Not to Mention that 90% of the American people agree . . . [See Washington Post/ABC News Polling Data]

A few highlights:

“The NRA has it wrong: Irresponsible gun owners are bad for everyone. If you shouldn’t have access to a gun, then there should be no way for you to access a gun! Can anyone argue with that?”

“But convicted felons, people with restraining orders against them and those with a history of mental illness can still find ways to purchase weapons. No one should stand for this.”

“Does anyone have the right to drive a car without first obtaining a license? Better yet, try buying a car without a driver’s license. Car companies know it is good for the auto industry to make cars safer and get dangerous drivers off the road. Why can’t gun manufacturers and the NRA realize this as well?”

“Jeffrey Nugent says his brother Ted Nugent is wrong on background checks,” The Washington Post, 5/17/2013

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