Oscar Predictions Mark Beginning Of Path To Fame and Glory

After that somewhat embarrassing Super Bowl prediction incident, some of you out there might have been thinking: “Frazer lost his edge… The guy just doesn’t have it anymore… He used to be cool, but now???”

SO, to all those haters, doubters and naysayers out there, I’ve got just one thing to say:

21 OUT OF 24!

That’s right – All I missed was: “Best Animated Short” (Sure, I used to watch those on Saturday mornings back when I was EIGHT…); “Best Foreign Language Film” (Look – I’m a proud American! You gotta problem with that??) and “Best Short Film” (That’s right - I actually have the patience to watch REAL MOVIES… Why? How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a proud American!!!)

The evening’s sole disappointment was that “Sharknado” didn’t get the accolades it so obviously deserved.

Other than that, I’d just like to thank the Academy, God, and our Founding Fathers (in no particular order).

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