Republicans Should Push To Lower The Drinking Age

This excellently reasoned article by Scott C. Johnston posted at his blog the Naked Dollar (something you ought to be reading anyway), makes a damn persuasive case. I’m sold anyway.

Our drinking age is indeed totally out-of-step with the rest of the world (excepting, say, Saudi Arabia…); it doesn’t accomplish its policy objectives and may actually exacerbate problem drinking by pushing it into the shadows; it’s just plain immoral to tell anyone brave enough to serve their country in battle that they’re not allowed to have a beer; and, frankly, Scott is dead-on when it comes to the politics of the issue: Republicans are losing young people in droves – overwhelmingly due to the Party’s antiquated hard-right social positions. Moreover, owning this issue is completely in line with traditional Republican free market principles.

So here’s to you, Scott!

Unless the law changes first, whenever you turn twenty-one, the booze is on me…

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