Skeptic’s Guide to Investing Podcast – My Recent Visit

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with fellow Wilmington Trust alumni, Steve Davenport and Clem Miller on their “Skeptic’s Guide to Investing” Podcast.

We cover a lot of ground in the wealth management space and beyond.

We catch up on intergenerational wealth planning, estate planning, and how to keep a level head in a sea of mixed messages. Since we have years(!) of experience between us we share a few war stories and tips on how to engage the system.

(You get to hear me get distracted by the office phone – I managed to recover . . . .)

Finally, we have sage advice (from the three of us) on getting into the wealth management industry and some advice for people looking to take their career to the next level.

Skeptic’s Guide to Investing on iTunes

The “Wealth Actually” Podcast

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