So Much for a New Era of Cooperation – Russia Gives Syria some very Serious Weapons

Between this and the recent Chinese cyber-theft revelations, the extent to which we need to shift our priorities away from guys hiding in caves back to actual state-actors should be increasingly apparent to anyone . . . Let’s hope the Administration actually gets it. The worst lesson one could “learn” from 9/11 is that the next war will start like 9/11. If and when the power-grid goes dark, the ATM machines shut down and our satellites suddenly start failing to communicate (or falling out of the sky), the forces we’ll be facing will be a lot more formidable than Osama and 100% ready for action. I want to assume we’re equally ready… I REALLY want to…

“Israel warned Thursday that it needed to prepare for a ‘new era’ of war in the Middle East as the Syrian regime claimed the first shipment of anti-aircraft missiles from Russia had arrived. The message comes as the Syrian opposition announced it will not attend a peace conference pushed by the Obama administration, crushing hopes of a ceasefire agreement soon in a war that is rapidly spilling across borders. Israel vowed to target the S-300 long-range missiles that Russia has promised to send to Syria, insisting the rockets are an offensive weapon that could target Israeli commercial aircraft as well as its fighter jets inside Israeli airspace.”

[Syria says it has advanced missiles from Russia, Israeli says new warfare coming,” USA Today, 5/30/2013]

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