Spielberg: Why The Entire Film Industry May Be Facing Its Biggest Paradigm Shift IN HISTORY



  • A “Broadway economic model” is about to take over – in other words, stunningly pricey tickets and theaters that continuously show the same films over and over again for years?
  • Soon, movies that appeal to so-called “niche audiences” (that is, most GOOD MOVIES) will be available . . . ONLY ON TV?
  • When it comes to big screen content, the era of consumer choice is literally about to end?
  • A ticket to “Iron Man” will cost you $25 – A ticket to “Lincoln,” only $7?
  • A flood of simultaneous mega-expensive box office busts is about to change EVERYTHING?
  • Soon, everyone in the United States will be forced to listen to the Billy Joel song “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” on continuous loop???

These questions and more answered, explored and explained (well sort of) by none other than Steven Spielberg:

[“Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry,” The Hollywood Reporter, 6/12/2013]


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