The Gay Marriage Arbitrage Explosion

Throughout the ongoing debate over gay marriage (albeit now significantly less contentious than in years past) businesses, states and cities are quickly beginning to hone in an infrequently discussed side-benefit: more often than not, gay marriage adds up to hard cold cash.

With marriage legal in only 13 states and the district of Columbia, there’s a new boom in competition with everyone from governors and mayors to trade associations (think hotels, restaurants, chambers of commerce – you name it) making ever more vocal pitches as to why their particular locality or service can deliver the best possible gay marriage experience in the nation. Citywide campaigns like “I Want To Marry You In Minneapolis” are rapidly growing as gay marriage states discover what the straight marriage industry has known all along: whether a marriage succeeds or not isn’t the point – there are still endless ways to profit. From increased tax revenues to the potential for vast infusions of out-of-state spending including even new real  estate purchases, there are few sectors of the economy that can’t receive a healthy boost when gay couples come to town.

So it seems capitalism isn’t all cold-hearted. But then again if you’re REALLY a savvy investor, take it from me and start preparing for the future: the gay divorce boom is right around the corner…

[“Seeking the Riches of Gay Marriage,” The New York Times, 9/15/2013]

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