“The Internship” – With a Review like this . . .


“This is a movie in which two middle-aged men, both suddenly unemployed and, in one case, facing foreclosure, decide their wisest move is to apply for unpaid internships at Google even though they possess zero technical skills, barely know what Instagram is and often refer to the Internet as ‘the online’ . . . It all makes you wish ‘The Internship’ had spent more time demonstrating why it really is heroic for men and women of a certain age to jump headfirst into Internet culture and try to master it. Instead, this movie gives us a collection of pleasant, intermittently amusing scenes starring two guys who never met a Jennifer Beals-movie analogy they didn’t like. It’s passable. But with additional beta-testing and a few code fixes, it could have been great.”

Then again, at least a few friends (and no – not just my stoner friends) Now hold on just a minute – NOT suggesting that I have stoner friends… Or know what the term “stoned” means… PLEASE PEOPLE – I’m a Wall Street Professional!!) do tell me it’s worth watching. Hence, I’m profoundly hoping that at least the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson combo can offer up some solid moments of diversion.

[“The Internship – Review,” The Washington Post, 6/7/2013]

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