The Mind of a Conflicted Republican

I’ve always been a Republican and will likely always be one. Bet’s let’s just say the Party isn’t making it easy for guys like me. I’m all for sensible tax reform and cutting the deficit. But when it comes wasting time on issues like gay marriage, alienating the fastest growing demographic group in our country by opposing sensible immigration reform or opposing efforts to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and the mentally deranged (something 90% of the American people support), it’s like we’re asking to be a permanent minority. Isn’t it time to remember what the term GOP actually stands for? We may still be old, but that won’t do us much good at the ballot box if we’re neither grand in our ideals nor a party capable of doing the one thing parties are built to do: win elections. And for anyone out there who thinks the past week’s various scandals are going to ultimately decide the balance of power, I offer two words: “BILL CLINTON.”

Update: Then again, here’s what Karl Rove has to say on the subject . . . The Wall Street Journel, Op-Ed, 5/1/2013

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