Top Five Reasons To Add Some PURPLE RAIN To Your Life (Or Should I Say “Morris Day and the Time”?)

(Otherwise entitled: “A good friend of Frazer attempting to explain the appeal of some rocker named Morris Day to his VERY confused European fiance…”)

    1. They came out somewhere called Minneapolis – a place where there are very few “Birds” and certainly not a whole lot of “Jungle Love.” To be fair, though, it is a town where “Ice Cream Castles” apparently do exist and at least several scientific studies have proven that – yes – even “Gigolos Can Get Lonely.”
    2. One of the most popular band members was Jerome – yet he was essentially Morris Day’s valet who literally carried around a mirror for the express purpose of reminding Morris just how damn good he looked. Moreover, a guy legally named “Jimmy Jam” was also in the band.
    3. Prince carefully assembled the group (making certain they were all actually GOOD) – but then nevertheless decided to PERSONALLY RECORD ALL OF THE ACTUAL MUSIC on the albums with the sole exception of Morris Day’s vocals.
    4. Morris Day conveyed more attitude than a majority of rock’s biggest diva front-men. Indeed, he made it look easy. You could just feel the diva-ness exuding. Yet he was the second choice – the original guy apparently “got greedy” (nobody knows with what exactly…) Needless to say, when Prince had him “disappeared,” Morris was beyond ready for the job.
    5. They had a minor reunion hit in 2011 called “#trendin!”

Third party validation from Jay and Silent Bob also most decidedly adds to their mythos – To the point where they aren’t even “Morris Day and the Time” anymore. They’re literally: “The Greatest Band in the Land, Morris Day and the Motherf*ckin’ Time!” WHICH NOW MAKES THEM (at least) TWICE AS AWESOME.

Without doubt, this was one of Prince’s greatest creations (you heard me right – better than Appolonia, Mayte, Sheila E., and even Carmen Electra).

They were, are and shall always remain 100% FrazerWORTHY.


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