This one is getting a lot of critical notice – Rotten Tomatoes aggregate score of 98% positive:  “Bolstered by a strong performance from Matthew McConaughey in the title role, Mud offers an engaging Southern drama that manages to stay sweet and heartwarming without being sappy.”

Rotten Tomatoes, 5/2/2013

There are certainly some worthy observations here on the crucial importance of building a financial plan with an eye toward expecting the unexpected. As far as I’m concerned, however, merely creating such a “plan” and then blindly sticking to it (as Mr. Richards suggests here) has been the death knell of far too many portfolios. True “long-term investing” demands constant situational awareness, solid advice and – most importantly – the ability to adapt your plan – not just adhere to it.

“Market Milestones Can Lead to False Assumptions,” Carl Richards, The New York Times, 3/11/2013

Rolling Stone TRASHES new Tom Cruise flick, “Oblivion” — “Earth is a garbage dump. Alien wars have left the future in ruins. The remnants of humanity have taken refuge on a space station. A pair of unlikely lovers are assigned from on high to do the robotic work of reclaiming vital resources and maybe saving the planet. OK, that’s the plot of Pixar’s WALL-E. Minus the animation, it’s also the motor that drives Oblivion . . .”

Rolling Stone, 4/18/2013

Quite coherent article on the changing face of information and news flow in the investment world.  Twitter is becoming both an awareness tool and a “disintermediator” of access to preferred information sources.  Financial institutions that fail to recognize this are going to be left in the dust: “Simon Ricketts of the Guardian has noted that ‘Twitter does its best work in the first five minutes after a disaster, and its worst in the twelve hours after that.’” (@rolldiggity)

Twitter: Your First Source of Investment News, The Big Picture, Barry Ritholtz, 4/21/2013

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