Cryptocurrency and Estate Planning on Tyrone Ross’ Coindesk “On Purpose” Podcast

In this episode, Tyrone Ross, CEO of ONRAMP INVEST, and I lay out the three major functions financial planners need to worry about when conducting crypto and bitcoin estate planning:

1. Recordkeeping and the administration of the assets that are within a trust

2. Distributing the assets correctly in accordance with trust documents and state law

3. The “Investment Component”

From actionable “next of kin” instructions to multi-signer bitcoin accounts, if you’ve ever wondered what happens to crypto (yours or your clients’) after you’re gone, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

The intersection of estate planning and cryptocurrency – what should we be telling clients?
Thanks to Tyrone Ross Jr. and CoinDesk as we flesh out the frameworks for this tricky (and quickly evolving) space.

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