Update 3-7-2014: A Lesson in Cyber Security – Content Temporarily Removed But Website Ultimately Uncompromised


Updated: 3/7/2014 — 3:35 PM EST

Due to controversy surrounding this post, Russian media sources (we think) appear to have directly hacked our website at 1:44 AM, March 7, 2014. IP addresses indicated locations in St. Petersburg, Russia and Latvia. They removed the video from this page (and from numerous other websites – and then  temporarily shut us down). No user data was endangered and a new firewall is now in place to protect against future incidents (obviously, I’d hope there won’t be any . . .) Only this page and several others were affected by the attack and all have now been repaired. Original post is below along with some tips regarding protecting your person online security.

What Real Courage Looks Like: A Stunningly Bold On-Air Resignation From One Of Putin’s (former) RT Stars

You can still watch the video at this address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwvr-lxjuHw&sns=em

Or please look elsewhere on YouTube. Any search for “RT” & “journalist” & “quits” & “bravery” will probably get you there.

I personally apologize and will be working to further increase our cyber-security. But let us all think closely about the new world in which we’re living. Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a Changin” wasn’t meant just for the 60s. This is 100% the age of exponential change. Let’s get together and try our best to be ready for it.

Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone – not just major corporations like Target. If you don’t already currently have robust security software for your home and business, it’s probably the right time to look into options. Thankfully, at least for home computers, there are many quality inexpensive and even free services available. CNET.com has an excellent guide to cost-effective easy-to-install options available here. Also note that mobile devices are not immune either. The Apple Store, Google Play and Microsoft all have products available as well. And finally, remember that installing updates/security-patches may be temporarily annoying but is ALWAYS worth doing.

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