VIDEO BLOG: The Time is Now for Estate Planning

This is the best time I have ever seen for generational estate planning

  • Interest Rates are at generational lows which provides extra leverage an flexibility in moving assets out of an estate
  • Valuations for assets are low due to the recent market volatility, which means a well-thought out plan get more intrinsic value out of an estate.
  • Estate Tax Exemptions are at all-time highs
  • Federal and State finances are going to require more revenue implying an increase in taxes
  • The elections in November could have a massive impact on the generosity and flexibility of the current estate tax climate
  • States hard hit by the COVID-19 epidemic may face particular economic and social concerns that require extra funding. (New York is a good example)
  • There is going to be a mad rush for a lot of families to accomplish their estate planning before the end of the year (and thus a mad rush around the advisors to implement this planning)

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