Walkman Returns

According to a recent post at CoolMaterial, after more than a decade of being stomped on by Apple, Sony is bringing back its original blockbuster music device. Let’s just say it looks NOTHING like what you remember… (much like the respective share prices of Sony and Apple)

The original Walkman’s enormous, boxy, cassette-playing 1980s vibe has been 100% reimmagined into a wearable MP3-playing headset that sort of resembles something out the movie Tron. And if that’s not awesome enough for you, simply hang this new masterwork around your neck and its powerful outward facing speakers mean you can finally get rid of that annoying guy who carries the boom box in your entourage.

And to think there are still some people out there who fail to appreciate the wonders of technology.

[“Sony 3-In-1 Walkman,” CoolMaterial, 9/10/2013]

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