Words To Live By – Iron Mike Tells It Like It Is

Most of the following excerpt from Mike Tyson’s recently released autobiography, “Undisputed Truth,” is unfortunately unsuitable for publication at FrazerRice.com which is, after all, a wholesome family website . . . Nevertheless, after reading some of the pure, uncut – uh – wisdom contained even in these short passages, I felt it would just be downright wrong and selfish not to at least provide a short (slightly censored) sample of what you’ll be reading if you do end up going to the below webpage or – God forbid – decide to purchase the book (the Amazon link for doing that is above – ZERO IDEA how it got there).

Also, at all times it is 100% essential to remember that the choice of language here is Iron Mike’s and Iron Mike’s alone and that, should you find any or all of it offensive – or wish to question his judgment, values or manner of making business decisions, you’ll have to take that stuff up with him directly. And in person (Mike doesn’t do email and tends to get exceedingly irked when strangers call his cell).

Here then is just one brief highlight for you to ponder before clicking on the link:

Don called Jackie and told her that he would fly us down to Florida and put us up so we could work out a settlement. Jackie, her son, my girlfriend Luz, and I got on Don’s private jet and flew down. I packed a big block of **** and a duffel bag with a ****-***** ** ******. I was doing my **** and ******* ** ***** and listening to my Walkman and I was ****** than the plane was when an epiphany hit me: “This is my ************ plane. I paid for this plane. And this ************ is acting like he’s doing me a favor sending me down on my own ******* plane. This ***** is playing me.” . . . Don said some innocuous thing, and all that jealousy and rage spilled out of me and I kicked him in his ******* ****.  BOOM!  You don’t turn your back on a jealous ********.

What did I tell you? Words to live by, right?

As noted, NOBODY (certainly not me) is forcing you to click to on that shiny blue easily accessible link just a few short lines down . . . I mean, it’s not like Mike is gonna come after your ************* *** with his ******* ***** *** *******.

Just sayin’.

[“Don’t Turn Your Back On A Jealous Cokehead: A Mike Tyson Life Lesson,” DeadSpin, 11/12/2013]

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