Tyrone Ross, Cryptocurrency Guru and Wealth Management Industry Voice

Frazer and Tyrone on the scene at Argot Studios
Frazer Rice and Tyrone Ross in the studio for “Wealth, Actually”
Welcome back to the “Wealth, Actually” podcast.
(Reminder:  There is no investment advice here!)
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have come back into the news as they have jumped around in price in the last two years.  To help us understand the crypto phenomenon, I spoke with Tyrone Ross of Noblebridge Wealth. An extra special thank you to Tyrone for his unique insight, not only into cryptocurrencies, but in describing his personal journey in the wealth management space. There are powerful lessons to be learned here.
Website: tyroneross.io
Twitter: @TR401
Tyrone is a start up investor and financial consultant. He has developed a deep expertise in the cryptocurrency space
He has been a go-to expert for many financial advisors as the space evolves.  In addition to his cryptocurrency niche, Tyrone has carved out a burgeoning media and twitter presence with his outspoken and impactful views on the need for inclusion in the closed off world of financial advice.  Tyrone is also officially the fastest person I have ever interviewed as he was an Olympic Qualifier in the 400m back in 2004!
(For those looking for excellent primer on the blockchain and how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work, check out
BLOCKCHAIN BASICS: A NON-TECHNICAL INTRODUCTION IN 25 STEPS by Daniel Drescher.  You will know more about how Crytpocurrencies and other technologies work [and their limits) than 99.9% of the public.  I also explored the subject in two terrific WA podcasts with Blockchain investor, BART STEPHENS and the CEO and Co-Founder of the Kowala, EILAND GLOVER.)
Tell us a bit about your professional background . . .
Educational / Family experience
Olympic experience- what did you take from it?  How did you use it?
How does that inform your advice to clients?
How did you get interested in cryptocurrencies?
Let’s get right to cryptocurrency.
What is the appeal of cryptocurrencies?
How is the world adopting cryptocurrencies into use cases?
How do you distinguish between the use of crypto and investing in crypto?
Describe what the market has done in the last couple of years . . .
How do we distinguish between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and the other currencies?
Who is equipped to parse through the differences?
Do you need to understand code?  How many people really get the underlying structure of the cryptocurrencies?
Is blockchain- the technological underpinning behind cryptocurrencies and other uses- a better bet?
How would you get exposure to that space?
What are you telling clients?
Media and Marketing
When did you “know” you were an entrepreneur?
What was your marketing plan and how have you developed your practice?
We met through twitter and I am amazed at the power of that medium- what is your take?
Relationships within the #fintwit and media community (Josh Brown, Justin Castelli and Doug Boneparth, among others)- what are your impressions?
You tweeted an amazing video on the role of privilege and background in the investment community and lots of great media appearances- Where should these discussions be taking us?  What’s next?
How do we stay in touch with you?
Website: tyroneross.io
Twitter: @TR401



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