BLOG: The Coronavirus Entertainment List, Part 3

It’s been almost 6 months since the last CEL . . . lots of catching up to do. In fact, I think I’ve gone through most of Netflix’s and Amazon Prime’s offerings . . . so it’s on to HBO Max to supplement . . . I’ve consumed so much content that I’m embarrassed. (Here are the previous Corornavirus Entertainment Lists: LIST #1 and LIST #2 and links are at the bottom too)

To get you good and ready for the actual list, here is me getting interviewed by Rick Ferri on the “Bogleheads on Investing” podcast. I talked about estate planning and other wealth issues- it was a lot of fun and cool to be on the other side of the mic.

Without further ado . . . here we go!

BOOKS (and there are a bunch more . . .)

  • “Alchemy” by Rory Sutherland – Terrific marketing counter-programming by a Hall-of-Famer.
  • “The Deficit Myth” Stephanie Kelton (review below)
  • “The Psychology of Money” Morgan Housel (review below)

ENDORSE! (And in no particular order)

  • The Undoing – HBO Max- Kidman in fine form and Hugh Grant playing against type
  • The Mandalorian- saves the Star wars franchise . . . the last two episodes transported me straight back to my childhood.
  • Queen’s Gambit- great from pillar to post
  • Enola Holmes- Millie Bobbie Brown–> Star
  • BeeGees Documentary- I knew so little about their early career . . . so much fun.
  • Schitt’s Creek- Legendary- hysterical and with a heart
  • Veep – it continues to be amazing and is even funnier in this political wackjob environment
  • Agatha Christie’s (AC’s) Ordeal by Innocence – 3 episodes, stylized and keeps you guessing
  • AC’s ABC Murders – taut, although Malkovich’s usual accent annoys
  • AC’s Pale Horse – a bit gypsy creepy but a nice twist at the end
  • Pick of the Litter- Training to be a guide dog!!! Adorable
  • The Gardner- Canadian Cabot gardens- beautiful and beguiling- a nourishing watch if you need some beauty.
  • Ratchet- Great and beautifully shot! May offend some Cuckoo’s Nest aficionados by messing with a sacred text.
  • Halston- Amazing access and super stylized
  • Gimme Shelter- Iggy and the Stooges- very interesting
  • Home Town and Property Brothers- fun home improvement diversions.
  • Diana Vreeland, Bury My Ashes at Bergdorf, Alexander McQueen – excellent fashion documentaries
  • Steve McQueen- The Man at Le Mans- Cars and the Prince of Cool
  • White Rhino and Slater v. Irons- badass surfing movies
  • Bruce Brown- Genius behind Endless Summer
  • Slim Aarons doc- Genius photographer (and Bedford Resident)
  • Documentary on the Police- really interesting to see how amazing they were- BTW Andy Summer is an amazing photographer
  • Criminal UK – three episode set piece set in an interrogation room
  • Game Changers – I should be a vegan.
  • My Octopus Teacher- touching and visually stunning doc of a man’s relationship with an octopus.
  • Echo in the Canyon- the birth of late 60’s music in Laurel Canyon- amazing . . . like being in time warp.

ML’s Hits

  • Lenox Hill
  • Only Living Boy in NY
  • Emily in Paris – super fashion
  • Hollywood – reminiscent of Chinatown
  • Uncle Frank – she loved!!!! Paul Bettany vehicle
  • Let Them All Talk . . . not so much- junky Soderberg


  • Gator- Burt Reynolds: great, Lauren Hutton: hot, Jerry Reed: SUPER, and the Louisiana Tax Department has a helicopter
  • Mr. Majesytk- Charles Bronson in his weird prime
  • A Bridge Too Far- Alec Guinness- beautifully shot
  • Sisters- Terrific Margot Kidder and a strange/cool entry in Brian DePalma’s oeuvre.


  • Crown Season 4- Top quality all around, but it was such a downer . . . joyless. I can’t believe Prince Harry would be associated with Netflix either given the way the family is treated.
  • Succession – It’s not bad . . . but I hate most of the characters- Brian Cox steals it. (so do the locations
  • Business of Drugs
  • Space Force- couldn’t get into it
  • Ricky Gervais “Humanity” – I was in a bad mood
  • Amy Schumer – Didn’t work.
  • Time of Our Lives- Aussie – a little too real life for me . . .
  • Capone- Usually dependable Tom Hardy . . . wasn’t
  • Selling Sunset- the people are just amazingly vapid- cool houses though.
  • The Making of Led Zeppelin 4 . . . watching the magic happen.

RECENT MOVIES – well there weren’t a lot with theaters being shut down . . .

  • Wonder Woman 84 – I love Gal Godot, bu this movie was 45 minutes too long
  • Last Shift- (NFLX) A story about man teaching his replacement the job he’s worked for 40 years
  • Last Shift- A good recent horror movie (2014)


  • Bogleheads on Investing with Rick Ferri
  • John Keim (Washington Football Team)
  • Decades of Horror (70’s, 80’s and 90’s)
  • Nightmare on Film Street
  • Evan Schein’s “Schein On”
  • Token CEO – Erika Nardini


  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips (awesome- everything the DCU movies try and fail at . . . and its the last of 15 other movies! You can go down a big rabbit hole here)
  • Elsa Charretier, Volume 1
  • Killing Joke Movie- Faithful to this classic!
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Final Season- fabulous.
  • Chris Claremont’s X-Men Doc- some of the behind the scenes of one of the most celebrated comic book runs in history

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