In this 101st episode, we’re going to explore the disconnects in Human Capital Development.

This is a crucial issue for family enterprises looking to transition to the next generation, closely held businesses making crucial hires and startups looking to take their business to the next level.

To no one’s surprise, Covid, Remote Learning and WFH have had massive impacts on the development of students, business plans, workers and executives. 

To help us think through these issues I spoke with


Since founding PEAR™ in 2003, Deidre has worked closely with Business owners, Senior-level nce founding PEAR™ in 2003, Deidre has worked closely with business owners, senior-level executives, and organizational teams providing strategic business management consulting across a variety of industries. Deidre puts her focus into strategic planning, organizational development, leadership development, and workplace behavioral issues for her clients. Deidre is one of 5 individuals in the State of New York that is a Kolbe® Certified Consultant.

We talk about a variety of issues facing higher education, ways to improve the HR industrial complex and the new employer / employee dynamic.

We get into Human Capital Coaching and Performance and talk bout how many typical approaches ignore how people approach certain tasks and how many this approach is different from typical personality and aptitude tests.

Deidre also lays out the terms of understanding how people perform (well)

We go into detail on the war for talent and performance and the negative effects that can occur with bad decisions around key role hires or the poor management of current teams.

Finally, we discuss the need to update the study of people’s hardwiring at the educational and workplace levels.


Deidre Koppelman’s Background

What are the suite of tools out there?

The three modes of analysis that you think are important-

  • Conative (Kolbe) “Doing” – Modes of Operation (not about how smart you are or social style it’s your “hardwiring”)
  • Affective- “Feeling”
  • Cognitive – “Thinking”

When should this type of testing occur?

Workplace? College? High School?

How is this self-awareness not incorporated at the high school/college level when people are making huge decisions?  Does this explain “not fitting in” at school/firm/career?

How has HR seemed to miss this in the interview process?

Expense, Culture?

For companies that want to develop their workforce/drive culture, where can this help?

How do enlightened managers incorporate these tools with their high performers?

How do you use them drive organizational performance/change?

Team building?  Is it better to flood the one of have complimentary pieces?

Are there differences in functional Parts of organizations?

  • Executives
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Sales
  • Tech/Product development

Workforce dynamics- Where does COVID fit in?

WFH – remote work – how do people stay motivated?

If the job can be done at home, it can be done in Montana . . . or Bangladesh- is that a problem?

Safety vs Entitlement at the workplace?

Any other future thoughts?

How do we stay in touch with you?


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