If you are a casual sports fan, the emergence of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour and its enormous sums of money has been a major story. It has all the elements of a classic drama:

  • Famous Athletes
  • Outsized Personalities
  • Big, almost infinite, money
  • International Intrigue
  • Internal workings and politics of powerful organizations

We are lucky to hear from Joe Ogilvie, a PGA Tour Player for 15 years, about the impact of LIV Golf on the PGA Tour and the golf world in general.

Based in Austin, TX, JOE OGILVIE is a former touring professional golfer with five professional wins including the 2007 U.S. Bank Championship. He was an All-American and All-ACC college golfer at Duke University where he majored in economics. Joe founded Ogilvie Capital in 2007, an investment advisory firm and later joined Wallace Capital Management as a long-only value manager in September 2014.

Joe is uniquely qualified to opine on the state of golf as we guess at its future. He also gives us some background on his development as a world class player and his transition to asset management in his 40’s when he retired from touring. This podcast was a blast for me!


  • How did you find your way into golf?
  • Describe the process of going from amateur to pro to PGA Tour Pro?
  • What is the economic reality of getting to the PGAT and being a tour pro?
  • With numerous high finishes and a win, what changes after that?
  • With your deep background in economics and interest in business, what were you doing in parallel to your golf career?
  • The role of Pro-Ams and having access to the best and brightest in all fields
  • Learning from the best and using your alone time to maximum effect: “Don’t Eat Dinner with Bad Putters.”
  • Transitioning from playing to investments full time and getting to Wallace Capital
  • How did you make the decision and what were the steps?


  • What is the state of the golf union as you see it?
  • How does the “grow the game” sentiment work with the money flying around?
  • Does the LIV pose a threat to the PGA with the young college talent?
  • Is there room for common ground?
  • Will the Official World Golf Rankings Points catch up?
  • Where do you think this goes in five years?
  • Has the sport really grappled with what a post-Tiger money environment looks like? Is there a “next Tiger?”
  • If chairing the board of the PGA what big initiatives would you be thinking about? 


  • Take us through a couple of the important shots in your career- the chip-in on 16 at the US Bank Open
  • Favorite courses?  Maybe some under the radar ones?
  • What are your thoughts on the explosion of length in the game?


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