Ep.57 – DIVORCE in the COVID-19 World with EVAN SCHEIN

With the tensions brought on by the confinement, new roles and financial pressures of the Coronavirus, I thought it would be good to take a new look at one of the greatest threats to wealth . . . Divorce. High-end family law attorney, EVAN SCHEIN, and I got to sit down and talk about what is happening in the world of divorce. Evan is an expert in the field as Partner and Head of the Litigation Department of New York-based divorce firm, BERKMAN BOTTGER NEWMAN and SCHEIN. He has seen it all in the space.

Here is a quick outline of what we covered:

  • Are confined spaces and the quarantine causing an increase in the interest in divorces- what are you seeing in your practice?
  • How has the lockdown impacted the process of divorce?
  • What is the process looking like in the new Zoom Conference world?Is there anything new in the legal landscape of divorce?
  • Planning before the wedding generally- what are best practices?
  • What is the best way to be a good client?
  • Asset titling is this still a useful tool?
  • The use of trusts- has this expanded in this day an age?
  • What is the best way to integrate other advisors? Wealth Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants, Business Advisors, Agents?
  • Pre and/or post nuptial agreements- how should one think about pre-nuptial agreements? How do you have that uncomfortable discussion?
  • If you are feeling like divorce is becoming an option in your relationship, what should you do?
  • How do you advise people in communicating with the children in this difficult circumstance?
  • Any crazy stories that you can share?
  • Personalities in the divorce practice? 


Finally, (since I’m running this!), Evan and I take a quick tour of our favorite sports teams and how they are dealing with the sports disruption.

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