EP.74 A LOOK INTO 2021 with Investment Banker, EUAN RELLIE

EUAN RELLIE is on the podcast today. We went around the world in half an hour and probably could have solved the worlds problems over drinks if we had the time. Alas, we only get a taste of Euan’s informed worldview and his story of building a business and advising clients as they solve the puzzle of doing business in Asia and around the world successfully. We do get a hear a bit about of his love for Arsenal Football at the end.

For those who want to hear more from Euan, he is an excellent twitter follow . . . @EUANRELLIE. He is quoted often on matters of finance, fashion and culture- recently in the New York Times and the South China Morning Post.

In his day job, Euan is an investment banker with the firm he founded, BDA Partners. Since founding BDA in 1996, he has lived in New York and London, and Singapore, and has worked in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India and across the Middle East. 1990-1996, he worked for Schroders, the UK investment bank now part of Citigroup, in New York, London and Singapore. He was Head of SE Asia Execution for Schroders Asia-Pacific Regional Advisory Group.

Our discussion covered a wide range of topics- I wish we had longer!

Economic Outlook

What are some of the good and difficult data points that you are focussing on?


How did you get into the world? How did your London background prepare you for New York?

BDA’s Function

Focus on Asia and helping firms on the sell side. Helping firms access the capital and expertise in Asia and around the world

Prospects for Asia-

What does the U.S./China dynamic look like long term? What do American businesses get wrong doing business far from home?

United States Politics-

What should we take away from this tumultuous last few months? What can we expect in the post-Trump world? What should we feel optimistic about?

Arsenal Football

How do the prospects for this season look? What does the future look like?

BDA Partners Website: https://www.bdapartners.com/

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