Welcome back to the 99th episode of the “Wealth Actually” Podcast . . .

(We’re recording right before Christmas and I’d like give a special thanks to Matthew Passy who helps me sound good and make the trains run on time.)

With the end of the year fast approaching, philanthropy is on the minds of many people.

For charitable organizations, the mad rush to meet their goals underscores many challenges they face.  Understaffed, under-resourced, and using old tools, non-profits face an uphill climb every year.

By using marketing technology, Artificial Intelligence and data science tools, a new company is trying to help with this problem. 

ARJUNA SOLUTIONS applies the same marketing concepts and data science found at the top consumer companies in the world to the non-profit space.

To take us through the idea of how technology and the non-profit space can intersect, I’m going to speak to COLIN STEWART.

Colin leads Arjuna’s groundbreaking philanthropic practice, which enables nonprofits to adopt new technologies and increase revenue more easily via philanthropic funding. 

We focus on how non-profit organizations can increase their revenue through more data-driven and targeted asks.

Finally, we talk about how HNW donors and charities can deepen their relationships and multiply the impact of major gifts in measurable ways through technology.

OUTLINE: Technology and the Importance of Philanthropy

  • ARJUNA SOLUTIONS background- What does Arjuna solve? 
  • How do you optimize the right amount to ask for so that you get the most out of a donor (without scaring them off)? Arjuna’s ExactAsk process-
  • Where does the Artificial Intelligence fit in?  What data are you using? How do you manage the data to get the right ask amount?
  • Where does it integrate with the recipient organizations systems?
  • For which organizations is this right? (Large Donor Bases where there is plenty of data to analyze and marketing systems to optimize).
  • How can the AI process help the donor amplify a large gift to an organization?- 
  • When multiplying the impact, Is this really a case of a $1 gift generating $3?
  • What does the gift process look look like?
  • Besides potentially more donations, how does it it help the charitable organization?
  • How do you measure success? How does the client measure success?
  • What’s next?
  • How do we stay in touch?


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