JOHN FICHTHORN, now a two-time “Wealth Actually” interviewee, joins the podcast to discuss his new documentary, “Gaming Wall Street”.

Directed by Tobias Deml, the two-part documentary debuts on March 3rd on HBOMax. Gaming Wall Street chronicles the 2021 GameStop short squeeze that drew in the retail investor community and galvanized a movement against the traditional financial services industrial complex. It also underscores the complicated and often unfair nature of Wall Street. To add to the intrigue and character of the documentary, Succession star, Kieran Culkin, narrates the story.


You were last on when BETTING ON ZERO came out- your documentary on the Herbalife trade. Now you have the new documentary- what got you focused on Gamestop?

-Take us through what happened here

            -Who were the players?

                        -EP1 Wall Street Bets – Gabe Plotkin/Melvin -Robin Hood

                        -EP2 Payment for order flow Citadel – Robin Hood

                        – How can you have more short interest than outstanding shares?

                        – Another Long Term Capital Management?

            -Who got outfoxed?

            -Gamestop and AMC and others?

            -Who made out like bandits and who got destoryed

-Why was this different? 

-The middle finger to Wall Street?

-What happened to “the market can remain rational longer than you can remain liquid?”

-Pulling the plug on Robin Hood

-The Effect of Margin

-Bitcoin analogy

-What are the lessons learned from Gamestop?

-What is the fallout?

-What is the media’s obligation here?  The SEC?

-What’s next? Any more documentaries?

Where to find “Gaming Wall Street”



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