Anyone who knows me knows that golf is one my main hobbies. It is a huge treat to be able to speak with ROB LABRITZ as he embarks on his first season on the PGA Champions Tour.

In addition to playing on the Senior Tour this year, Rob is the Director of Golf at the GLENARBOR Golf Club in Bedford Hills, NY. He is one of the top PGA playing professionals in the U.S.

He won the 2022 PGA TOUR Champions Q School to reach the Senior Tour.

Rob’s finished as the low PGA Professional at both the 2010 and 2019 PGA Championships and his hole-out in the 2013 Professional National Championship was the #1 Top Play on SportsCenter.

In this episode, Rob tells us about the role of sacrifice and what it takes to perform well under maximum pressure.

Rob talks about his mindset during his Q-School win and exactly what he was thinking and feeling on the final hole as he was about to achieve his lifelong dream.

We get unique insight into his golf process and a behind the scenes look at the scheduling and logistics that go into being a Tour Pro.

Finally, we dive into some golf-nerddom, as we talk about the state of game, some favorite courses and the role of power (from Daly to Tiger to Bryson) in the sport’s future.

For hard core player or golf fan or anyone interested in what happens between the ears at the highest levels of performance, this is a terrific listen.

What was the process for qualifying?

-How did you get to “Q School”

ADAM SCHUPAK’S article on Rob Labrtiz’s win to get his PGA Tour Champion’s Card

-The Decision to Go For It

-The Journey and the Sacrifice

The Mental and Emotional Part of Golf

  • How do you get your game so sharp and steady that it holds up under maximum pressure?
  • How did you hold it together in the final round?  What was your mindset?
  • What were the emotions you were feeling standing on the tee of the final hole?
  • What did you feel when the final putt drop?

The Logistics of Being a Tour Pro

  • Ok, you’ve made it- how do you schedule the next year?
  • How do you cover the costs of touring?  Travel / Caddy / Sponsors

You’ve played with the best in the world before via the Canadian Tour and PGA Championships-

  • How is this different in the Senior setting?
  • Whom are you looking forward to playing with?
  • Any particular courses that you are excited to get on?
  • As a teacher, what do you think of the role of power in the game and the BRYSON Phenomenon?

What is one of your best shots?

The Hole Out During the 2013 PGA Professional Championship

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