Episode 148: Aon’s Latanya Simmons

Aon’s LaTanya Simmons on Florida and California Property Insurance

The challenging Florida and California property insurance environment is a huge topic of conversation. Anyone looking to insure a property knows that this has become tricky business in the last five years. Floods, hurricanes, wildfires and mold have are major problems for successful families’ homes. These and other conditions have driven up premiums if you can find insurance at all. Add into the mix the complexity around the liability and the long term viability of the insurers. It becomes obvious that you need an expert to help navigate these risks.

LATANYA SIMMONS is an Atlanta native and 2nd generation risk management professional. As the National Sports Practice Director and Private Risk Advisor with AON Private Risk Management, LaTanya provides expert personal property and casualty insurance advice and advocacy for successful individuals. executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers and family offices nationwide count among the people that she serves.

We discuss the Florida and California phenomenon and what she sees as the future of the property and casualty insurance market in the high net worth space.

The Florida and California Property Insurance Challenge

Tell us what is going on in the Florida and California property insurance markets? What is the impact on customers?

Are Florida and California (and New York) just the beginning for the risk markets?

What strategies should those and others contemplating moves or purchases in other states consider beforehand?

How has the insurance market changed over the last 5 years (and specifically in the last 2)? Where do you see it going?

Will states like Texas, Colorado and Georgia feel this?

Where do you identify the biggest insurance risks for highly successful individuals?

How often should insurance policies and programs be reviewed, including the health of their insurer?

Many clients are high profile due to their or their family’s success and involvement in the community. This puts them in the spotlight often – in the news, on social media, front page of their company website.

What risks do higher profile people need to be thinking about?

What other guidance you can share for successful individuals and families when it comes to managing the risk around their homes, autos, collections, and other property?

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