EP.43 GLOBALIZATION: Haven and I take on the Emerging Trends in Globalization

Haven and I reached back into the archives (December) as we discuss GLOBALIZATION:

(To reiterate we are NOT providing investment advice, just a discussion of international relations issues that we find interesting)

We heavily reference the below presentation from Ken Mehlman’s group. It is worth opening up in a new tab.


1) The World: Leadership & Direction Up for Grabs
2) Major Economies: Aging Fast
3) Internet Policy: Regionalism Replacing Globalism
4) Populism: The New Path to Power
5) U.S. Politics: Anti-Globalists Ascendant
6) U.S.-China: The Great Decoupling
7) Business: Evolving Strategies for Braving the New World
8) Government Economists: Fewer Fiscal / Monetary Tools
9) Leadership: New Global Players Emerging
10) Super-Disruptors: Climate, Debt, Technology & Urbanization

Other interesting issues pop up around our discussion of China as the news of the CORONAVIRUS was in its infancy and nowhere near the level of publicity that is occurring right now.

Another concept that we touch on throughout this presentation is “Are things better than we think?” Stephen Pinker has written a book on that topic . . . https://stevenpinker.com/taxonomy/term/4265?page=1

We also discuss Sarah Chase and the impact on the regression of trust in governmental institutions. . . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Chayes

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