COLLEGE: Haven Pell (“The Pundificator”) and Frazer Rice (“Wealth, Actually”) take on “College”

In a new regular feature on the “Wealth, Actually” Podcast, Haven Pell and I will take on a topic.  (For our first one, we discuss the concept of “College” in modern American Society)

With some fun questioning and debate, we’ll try to make some sense of a subject that has some controversy, broad policy implications and a little bit of hypocrisy to unwind.  Hopefully, it’s weighty and important.  We hope to tackle things that are both evergreen and timely.


In this first segment, we take on “College”.

A broad, wide-ranging topic?  You bet.

We address:

  • The cost
  • The pressure (on applicants and graduates)
  • The Insider vs the Outsider Viewpoint
  • STEM vs Liberal Arts
  • The Impact on Culture
  • A Year of Service
  • A Venue for People over 60?
  • Sports and University Life
  • Broader Ramifications on the Future of the U.S.

Look forward to WEALTH ACTUALLY and the PUNDIFICATOR as regular feature . . . as we take on current events and and some of the big concepts and issues facing society today.  SUBSCRIBE, TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND LEAVE COMMENTS.






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