Mars Attacks??? Probably not – But Then, Martians Aren’t Exactly Known For Giving Us Advance Warning Either…


Whenever there’s a 150 mile high, 600 mile wide “plume” (described by scientists as being caused by “something…”) – and it just “happens” to be randomly shooting out from beneath the surface of Mars all the way into space, you just know it’s gonna be an interesting week. Of course, that’s purely my VERY unscientific opinion.

Here’s some less-than-illuminating commentary on the event courtesy of the journalistic braintrust over at Time Magazine (apparently relying on some equally awe-inspiring “analysis” from the otherwise respected science journal, Nature: “Something’s up with Mars at the moment—or at least something was up not long ago—and nobody seems able to explain it. That’s the beats-me conclusion a team of investigators reached in a new paper in Nature . . .” Ummmm… Very reassuring guys. No, seriously. Great work. Job well done. Mission accomplished. 

CLICK HERE to check it out for yourself  (even including a quasi-cool video) And yes — The above picture is (a) 100% real; and (b) was taken last Saturday by one of NASA’s Mars-orbiting satellites.




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