One Click To Reset Your Online Identity? Not So Fast…

A new app called offers its users the tantelizing prospect of hitting the reset switch on one’s seemingly permanent social media nightmares (e.g., that time I suggested that watching 10 episodes of “Breaking Bad” at the office is not only a good idea but an easy tax deduction…)

The problem? Although undeniably helpful, you’ll quickly realize that the most prominent social media networks vary dramatically with regard to allowing their users control and that some even deny access entirely. It’s certainly worth spending time playing around with this product if only to fully grasp exactly how easy it is for ANYONE to learn EVERYTHING about you.

My #1 take-away from the experience? At the very least, understand that voluntarily sharing your views over a blog (just to pick a random example) is cyber-identity suicide . . . What kind of a moron would abandon ALL personal agency by allowing search engines to continually create copies of their every word each time somebody stumbles their way courtesy of a search engine? Put simply, you’d have to be 100% certifiably wacked out of your skull.

But then again, there is something intriguing about that . . .

[“How To Erase Yourself From The Internet,” Huffington Post, 9/5/2013]

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