LALIT PANDA on Optimizing Supply Chains in a Chaotic World and the Steps to Protect and Improve Company Operations

Defining the term “supply chain” and understanding what a company should control and what to outsource has never been more important to a business. Optimizing supply chains in a chaotic world is a huge challenge. Strategists at the executive and board level face:

  • Major global flare ups that threaten inputs
  • Huge pools of data to analyze, and
  • Increased complexity of logistics as customer preferences develop (almost to the point of irrationality).

LALIT PANDA has spent his career safeguarding, managing, de-risking and optimizing supply chains. Having worked with major companies like Sony and Altria on these problems, he joins us today to discuss the challenges and opportunities of in today’s supply chain framework.

Lalit is an Operations and Technology executive with leadership experience across 7 different industries at companies of all sizes that were Public, PE and VC backed. As a Chief Operations Officer or a Chief Information/Digital Officer in global companies, he has led digital and operational transformations at scale.

Companies where he had roles range from large public companies like Sony and Altria to mid-size firms like Harman, Denon, Tronox etc. He has also been in late stage startups, ranging from consumer products to industrial chemicals and medical devices.

He is a blogger and thought leader on supply chain and digital transformation topics. These are increasingly important in a world of rapidly changing technology and geopolitical risks.

Latit holds degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and the National Institute of Technology. Based in Princeton, he co-chairs the programs committee of the Private Directors Association NY/NJ and the Technology and Industrial SIGs of The Executive Forum.



Supply Chain Definition

What is the definition of Development?

How do we categorize Planning, Sourcing, and Delivery?

What is the importance of Execution?

What goes into the Making of the Product?

Finally, what are the complications around the Delivery of the Product?

Traditional Notions and Recent Shocks

With Recent geopolitical impacts, how are companies mitigating risk?

What are the opportunities with recent Transportation advances?

Are companies taking advantage of recent Advances in information technology and logistics management (last mile)

What has been the impact of Covid / Work From Home (WFH)?

What do companies traditionally get wrong when optimizing supply chains in a chaotic world ?

Where is Strategic Perspective (and Oversight)?

How can there be a Lack of Board Representation ?

Looking into your crystal ball- what are the ways to improve supply chains amidst instability?

How do listeners find you?




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