Nutritionist and Entrepreneur, Ashley Koff RD

I recently spoke with Ashley Koff.  A registered dietitian, Ashley is not only one of the top people in the nutrition field, but she’s a terrific entrepreneur as well. We have known each other since college so it was particularly fun to catch up on her exploits. [In typical Frazer fashion, the last time we saw each other was in a NYC steakhouse . . . which must have been real fun for a top nutritionist!].

Ashley is a Registered Dietitian and one of the top Nutritionists in the country. In addition to major corporate clients and individuals, Ashley advises many Hollywood and TV productions on better nutrition. She is the author of two books and acts as a spokesperson for many brands. She launched the Ashley Koff Approved brand to house and manage the many facets of her practice. You can find information about her programs and projects at

With all of that, I wanted to pick her brain on two fronts:

1) What are the trends in nutrition and healthy living that we should focus on and

2) How have you turned your expertise into a successful business?

Nutritionist/Dietitian questions- 

When do people make the decision to see you?

How do you get them think about their goals?  Number on the scale vs. performance/energy vs appearance goals?

When someone walks in to your office, what is your process to assess where they are and where they should go with their nutrition?

Once you have an idea of a person’s situation, what are the next steps in implementing a process for them?

Concept of a balanced diet- vitamins vs. calories vs. person’s physical attributes-

How detailed does your analysis go?

Picking a theme and sticking with it

Overflow of information- fad diets

Vegetarians vs. vegans vs. pescatrians vs Paleos

Herbs/Vitamins- how do you focus on the important details (and ignore the less important ones)

Water consumption



Speed of eating

Timing of eating

Portion control



Grocery stores: Buying fresh v. organic v. what we normally see

Avoiding processed foods- what does “processed” mean now?

Restaurants: how do you teach good habits in navigating those environments?

Competing with time challenges when preparing foods

Budget issues- expensive to eat well

Demonization of Fat v. sugar and carbs

Fruits and vegetables- obvious benefits, but can you overdo it?


Are there true superfoods that you can’t go wrong with?

Business Questions

Clients are individuals, companies, brands, organizations in addition to media products-

How do you organize your time?

How did you come up with the AKA brand?

How do you incorporate employees or partners in your concept and vision?

What was the role of media and books in building your brand? Was there a big break?

Does social media work for you? How does that translate into business?

What are your broader plans?

Does that include a prepared foods line?

Exercise programs?

Other partnerships?

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