Founder of Phace Bioactive, Marisa Arredondo

It is impossible to come away from a conversation with Marisa Arredondo and not be impressed.  She is the founder of skincare and lifestyle brand PHACE BIOACTIVE.

After graduating from Stanford University, Marisa worked as an analyst on Wall Street for 12 years to research and invest in cosmetic, drug and biotech companies. There, she learned about skin biology, ingredient technology, and pH balance as it relates to anti-aging. She also graduated from Harvard Business School, where she conceived the business plan for PHACE BIOACTIVE.

You can also check out the brand here: PHACE INSTAGRAM and PHACE FACEBOOK

We touch on a host of topics:

  • The joys and hardships of entrepreneurship,
  • When she knew she was ready to give it a go,
  • The evolution of the business past the startup stage,
  • The evolution of the brand and using her unique experience to drive the story of the company
  • Learning how to manage people and processes and when and how to delegate
  • Getting ones arms around the marketing strategy and the importance of social media and TV.


Describe your how you discovered and developed your product-

What need did you see that needed to be filled?

How did your personal experience allow you to see this?

At what point did you see the competition and decide- I have something that’s different and better?

How did you know it was time to take the plunge?

In brushing up on Phace Bioactive, you are involved in every aspect of the company. It’s rare that a person is a good at one or two things, but you seem to be on top of the science, finance, marketing, distribution and many other facets of the company.  How did your background inform these different areas of expertise?

When do you decide that it’s time to bring in other experts and delegate?

Once you felt like you had the product right, how did you think about your marketing plan?

Once you have the formula right, how do you make sure it’s manufactured consistently?

You had a great run on QVC where you presented extremely well- how did you get involved with them?

What made them attractive?

How did you prepare for that experience?

How do you know when you have good advisors around you?

How do you select them?

Who has been helpful in mentoring you as you reach various stages of business development?

How has the advice changed since you have gone from planning to liftoff to growth?

As an entrepreneur, what was the thing or things that you ended up being the least prepared for?

Or what was your biggest surprise?

What were you most prepared for?

How has your experience changed as you begin to manage more people?

What are the plans for Phace Bioactive’s future- where do you see your next avenues for growth?

I notice on the site that you have a section that deals with lifestyle branding around the product.  How does that relate to your future plans?

What is the best way to find PHACE BIOACTIVE?

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