Delaware Lawyer and Entrepreneur, John Williams

John Williams, Principal of the Williams Law Group and President of

I sat down with my colleague and fellow Emory Law graduate, John Williams, to talk about the differences and challenges of driving both a law firm and an online incorporation business. We spoke about trends in the legal industry and peered into our respective crystal balls about the direction of Delaware corporate law and the opportunities and issues that entrepreneurs face.

  • What percentage of the day is spent lawyering and what percentage is spent running Incnow?
  • What is does your law practice look like?
  • Delaware Corporate law; we hear about other jurisdictions -what is still advantageous about incorporating in Delaware?
  • Corp v. LLC v. Partnership- what steps should people go through in deciding which entity to use?
  • If I’m from New York or any other state, why would I have my business entity incorporated in Delaware?
  • Talk about the formation of your business Incnow- what need does your your business fulfill?
  • Having a law firm to deal with nuance associated with Incnow makes a lot of sense . . . Does that component get used a lot?
  • Technological hurdles?
  • Staffing hurdles?
  • Compliance issues?
  • Challenges of running law firm v. start-up business? Benefits and challenges of being located in Delaware?
  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg using LLC instead of a foundation for his charitable arm? Will we see that more?
  • In addition to traditional S and C Corps, What about B-Corps also known as Public Benefit Corps that are chartered to have a broader purpose beyond shareholders- emerging trend or fad?
  • Increased scrutiny of entities and shell companies; increased banking laws and Treasury scrutinizing property purchases – what are you seeing in your business? What appears to be on the horizon on this front? (See some of my commentary on the subject from a past article here-Anonymity and Real Estate)
  • Delaware has always had a competent and efficient judiciary which is one of the attractions for many companies locating their corporate situs there . . .What else is Delaware doing to innovate?

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